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Design Cost

The design process cost will be calculated strictly on the amount of time required to produce the necessary drawings. A general rule of thumb is to calculate between $2.00 and $2.50 CDN per square foot. Keep in mind, the more changes you ask for, the more it will cost. Whether or not you decide to proceed with the actual construction of the structure, this will be a cost you will have to cover.

Structure / Shell cost

Cost per square foot of living space – techniques :

In general, the overall cost of building your log home will be in the range of $250 to $300 per square foot of useable footage. Consideration should also be given to the geographical influences in your region and how they affect your construction costs.

While the price ranges above are not official estimates, we are providing them to give an idea of the cost to those who are contemplating a log or timber structure. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you.

A beautiful log or timber home will be similar in cost to other quality built custom homes in most areas.

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