Round Log Homes

One of our three construction methods

The round log method is a popular method used by some craftsmen wanting to get the most stylized result. Like all of our other methods, the round log method offers two techniques: scribe fit or post and beam.
This technique uses logs up to 50 feet in length and even offers different diameters, thus expanding the creative possibilities in terms of log houses. We only use top quality red and white pine to build your project!

The scribe fit technique

The scribe fit technique (also known as the Scandinavian technique) is naturally-shaped, smoothly-peeled logs which are scribed and custom-fitted to one another. They are notched to overlap at the corners. See also the chinked technique.

The post and beam technique

The post and beam technique is a constructive principle that goes far back! It consists of erecting the skeleton of the house with posts and beams of strong sections. Spaced at regular intervals, they form a framework in which the volumes of the house are inscribed. This framework contributes to the aesthetics of the project, offering a constructive rhythm that is visible both inside and outside.
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