Our three specialties

Round Log


The Scandinavian inspired round log method is a popular method used by some craftsmen wanting to get the most stylized result. We only use top quality red and white pine to build your project. Like all of our other methods, the round log method offers two techniques: scribe fit or post and beam.

Timber Frame


It is a centuries-old construction technique that relies on the timber frame as the primary structural support for the building and consists in creating timber framed structures jointed together with wooden pegged mortises and tenon joints. It offers two techniques: the Full Timber technique and the Hybrid technique.

Custom Milled Timber Homes

The custom milled timber technique uses machined lumber, red or white pine with a precise and quality cut. The logs and timbers are pre-cut in our shop so they fit perfectly by a simple superposition. This historical method uses either the Notch and Pass technique or the Dovetail Corners technique.